Fear Not, McLaren Fans…

Just a quick one for all the McLaren fans out there. Those concerned with the performance of McLaren’s 2013 car, the MP4-28, fear not!; help, and reassurance, is at hand.

In 2012, McLaren found themselves with the strongest car come the final round at Interlagos. They hadn’t began with the strongest car at the start of the season, but rather, spent the entire season doing what McLaren do best; developing.
Fast forward to 2013, and all McLaren’s hard work seems to have disappeared, right? Wrong. In fact, instead of playing it safe and basing their new car on the tried and tested old one, McLaren have completely revolutionised, going in a new direction and into the unknown. As it turns out, the unknown is a total of four points from two races.

The McLaren MP4-27 & 28

The image of above explains the discrepency in McLaren’s performance. The Woking-based team’s new philosophy is to derive their downforce from the floor of the car. This is plain to see by how much lower the MP4-28 is to the ground than the MP4-27. The suspension’s new too, and the lower nose resembles the direction the developers tried with the MP4-27 at the start of 2012, before scrapping it four races into the season.

2013 will be the year to prove they’d been too hasty. Although the performance isn’t their now, McLaren and the MP4-28 are in it for the long haul. In previous years, car development has run out of steam mid-seasonfor McLaren and their rivals. This year’s renovations are aimed at confronting that, and extending the possibilites for development all season long. So where Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes’ pace may start to waver, McLaren will be hoping to continue to plow on.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint, so keep the faith and #BelieveInMcLaren.


About Mike O'Keeffe

I live and breath racing. Especially, F1. Here you'll find an ocassional word or two on the ins and outs, the highs and lows and the controversies of motorsport's pinnacle.
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