Bernie Backs Red Bulls**t

Surprise, surprise, F1 Supremo Bernie Ecclestone backs Sebastian Vettel’s decision to ignore team orders in Malaysia. The on-track scrap between Mark Webber and Vettel now known as the ‘Bull FIght’ has split opinion in F1, with Ecclestone standing firmly on Vettel’s side of the fence – as always. The magnate commented, saying:

“If I’d have won three world championships for the team and somebody came on the radio to me and started giving me instructions I’d probably do exactly the same…”

Ecclestone portrays an image of equality and fairness, supporting Vettel’s decision to ignore team orders in the interest of racing. But when the tables were turned back in 2011 and it was Mark Webber who benfitted from ignoring team orders, Ecclestone did not come to the defense of Webber when flak from the media started flying in.

In a team team that doesn’t have a number one and number two driver system, Webber is definitely being made to feel like one. F1’s ‘unlucky man’, Webber will surely be eagerly awaiting the disciplinary outcome of Vettel’s decision with crossed fingers.

Despite Webber’s father insisitng his son isn’t a quitter and will stay on with Red Bull, I think one more show of support for the triple world champion could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back…



About Mike O'Keeffe

I live and breath racing. Especially, F1. Here you'll find an ocassional word or two on the ins and outs, the highs and lows and the controversies of motorsport's pinnacle.
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