Formula 1: From Zero to Hero in 14 Days

What a difference a fortnight makes huh? This time two weeks ago, the pinnacle of motorsport was enemy #1. Monaco, despite producing unrivalled glitz and glamour off the circuit, the multi-million procession of carbon on it was less than fabulous. The Pirelli promise of more overtaking with the introduction of the Supersoft compound wasn’t made good on, instead generating a spectacle unworthy of its fans, let alone The Principality.

Back to the future and all is forgiven. Many perceive the wet weather as an enhancement to Formula 1. Chief of which, Mr. F1 – Bernie Ecclestone, who went as far as to suggest a sprinkler system to artificially dowse the blacktop. However, Bernie and the critics were proved half wrong in Canada. Precipitation may have been responsible for the race’s spills, but the thrills were all thanks to a select, special few. It was the (eventual) end to the rain which showcased this excellence. Jenson Button, who had otherwise had a miserable afternoon, evening and night, left it until 15 laps to go to change his fortunes. Some of the best driving Montreal has ever seen, and the drive of Button’s life – to which he testifies – on a dry racing line rectified the linearity of the previous fortnight.

I have been a fan of motorsport for a long time, and an F1 follower for even longer. I have witnessed many great races. Sunday’s was one of them. Better still, the rest of the world is starting to witness them too. My Facebook and Twitter pages were inundated with amazement, passion and pride. The height of motor racing has been long overdue the strength of support that it’s just getting a taste for. Long may it continue through to Valencia and beyond.

And cheer up Lewis – its not everyday you get to meet Rihanna!


About Mike O'Keeffe

I live and breath racing. Especially, F1. Here you'll find an ocassional word or two on the ins and outs, the highs and lows and the controversies of motorsport's pinnacle.
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