Lincoln GFC Team Photo 12th May 2011

What’s this? A Lincoln Gaelic Football Club team photo – with no problems hiccups or hold-ups? What’s that? It was taken ON TIME?! That is a first.

Well done on being THE most organised bunch in the club’s history – ever.

Usually people are either very late, or just don’t show up at all. And when they do, they arrive to find they’ve forgotten their kit. And in the miraculous event that it was remembered, washing it after the last game sadly wasn’t.

Those of you that were on the back row; this wasn’t because you didn’t have matching shorts, socks, or both – it was because you’re ugly, and would have spoilt the photo for the rest of us. Mainly Tom, who was looking fabulous I must say.

Shame this wasn’t done earlier in the year when the turn out might have been better – a full squad would have made for a better memento (good film) for the season. Regardless, I have my team photo from many years ago and it’s a nice reminder; so if it’s your last season with us, I urge you to shell out the £8 you cheap bastards.

One final note: It was a shame the Fuckwitt didn’t feature this year – seeing him squished between Pete and Colin last year was hilarious. Of course this year he’d have been on the back row for reasons mentioned above 😛

Shame he wasn’t invited…

Photos of Fuckwitt squished between Lincoln GFC’s Gargantuans are on Facebook for your viewing pleasure.

Look forward to seeing you all at the team meal on Tuesday.


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I live and breath racing. Especially, F1. Here you'll find an ocassional word or two on the ins and outs, the highs and lows and the controversies of motorsport's pinnacle.
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2 Responses to Lincoln GFC Team Photo 12th May 2011

  1. Paul says:

    put the photo up

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